The X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis is a method for measuring the thickness of coatings and for analysing materials. It can be used for the qualitative and quantitative determination of the elemental composition of a material sample as well as for measuring coatings and coating systems.

Measuring times range in the seconds, rarely longer than one minute. Measurements can be completed quickly and usually without extensive sample preparation. With XRF, it is possible to measure both thickness and chemical composition of homogeneous materials and also for alloy/under coatings.

InHouseLab1 XRF

Salt Spray Test

Salt Spray chamber is designed to test the surface of different materials (As per ASTM B117) for resistance to corrosion. The unit is commonly used to test coated materials of a metallic nature in a controlled corrosive environment. The test can be used on rust-proof painting, anodizing, electroplating and rust-proof of grease. The machine imitates expedited corrosion process via salt spraying on a given test sample to identify the corrosion (oxides) resistance. Test results are based on the longevity of time a material can resist visible corrosion on the test sample.

Hull Cell

The Hull cell is a specially designed cell for carrying out practical plating tests on electroplating solutions. The cell is designed so that the cathode is at a pre-defined angle to the anode (as shown below) to produce a range of current densities. The current densities produced in the Hull cell are above and below those that would be used under normal production parameters. This allows any potential problems in the plating solution (e.g. lack of additive, excess brightener) to be observed before any problems are seen on the production line.

InHouseLab6-Hull cell

Micro Test

Micro Test is versatile & sophisticated Thickness Tester which measures almost all electroplated metals on ferrous, non-ferrous & non-metallic substrates. Provides USB connectivity for PC software where a user can run test and store/print reports with convenience.


We also have handheld Mikro test gauges that are highly durable coating thickness measurement devices to enable the measurement of non-magnetic coatings on steel using magnetic adhesive force. A metal casing makes it highly robust and resistant against harsh environmental conditions.


Verniers & Micrometers

Like any other standard labs, we also have Vernier caliper and Micrometer to periodically measure the linear dimensions of our components.


We have the necessary lab equipments (Class A) and chemical reagents to perform necessary titrations and volumetric analysis of our electroplating and conversion coating baths to maintain consistent quality of our surface coating services.

InHouseLab5 -Titration1