The fundamental aim of zinc electroplating is to protect metals from rust or corrosion. Zinc plated coatings are also known as sacrificial coatings because the zinc coating sacrifices itself to protect the underlying metal from corrosion.


Silver finishes are usually recognized as a decorative coating, but is also an engineering coating due to its superior conductivity and corrosion resistance. Silver’s conductivity allows for extensive use in electrical components.


In addition to creating an aesthetically-pleasing product, nickel is also sought after for its corrosion-resistant properties. It also improves solderability and lubricity. Nickel provides a great combination of corrosion and wear resistance.


Tin is a soft, ductile, silvery-white metal that is not easily oxidized in air. It has good conductivity and corrosion resistance while enhancing solderability of substrates that are not otherwise easily soldered to.


Zinc Phosphating is a conversion coating wherein the metal surface mostly iron and steel are converted into their corresponding metal phosphates by chemical reactions. Zinc phosphate coatings are used for corrosion resistance, as a lubricant-holding layer, and as a paint/coating base.


Manganese phosphating is extensively employed to improve the sliding properties of engine, gear, and power transmission systems. Manganese phosphate coating has the highest hardness and superior corrosion and wear resistances of general phosphate coatings.


Lube coating is used post zinc phosphating to provide lubrication to the metal surfaces prior to cold forging. The lube reacts with the phosphate crystal to bond to the metal surface.


Molybdenum disulfide (Moly) is a solid additive, most commonly used in extreme pressure applications. It is used post Zinc phosphating as a dry lubricating layer as it has one of the lowest coefficient of friction and a very high operating temperature.


M/s. DYNAMIC ENGINEERS & ELECTROPLATERS, C-58, Sidco Industrial Estate, Maraimalai Nagar – 603 209 has been established as a Proprietary Electroplating Unit during 1989 at Ambattur and registered as a permanent Small Scale Industry.

The Unit has gradually progressed and expanded its activities to Maraimalai Nagar by establishing a branch unit with upgraded machineries. The unit has produced quality surface coating on a consistent basis and has got appreciation from our customers.

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